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Posted by SCM Support Team on 10-Sep-2017 21:10:42

When trading the forex markets we tend to meet the same challenges daily no matter if we are totally new to the markets or trade professionally. 

Some of the most common challenges we see our clients meet on a daily basis are:

  •  Not having enough time to cover all markets we want to cover
  • The lack of a team to bounce ideas of (and share a laugh to blow of steam for that matter)
  • The lack of skills to analyze a trade set up from several angles

The list could be made longer but you get the idea, trading is hard and mentally demanding. The best performing traders we see are the ones that manage to control their focus and spending energy only on what matters for their results, instead of being everywhere, at the same time, all the time. The latter being a very common beginners mistake that almost always leads to costly lessons for the trader. 

So, how do you overcome these common mistakes and fast forward to where your trading makes you money on a regular?

Well, there is, of course, more than one way that leads to success in trading and you might have figured it out already. In that case, we salute you and might be able to introduce you to a few clients in our managed portfolio where we hand pick the best performing strategies.

If you are not there already, don´t ypu worry. We have something for you and we are almost sure it will improve your trading results tenfold.

A few months back SCM partnered up with the analysis and education company ForexAnalytix. As an SCM trading account holder, you can now get full access to the whole ForexAnalytix portfolio of trading tools. This includes:

  • Free forex signals
  • Daily webinars
  • Educational platform
  • 5 different analysis 
  • Mobile App

You might qualify for all of the above at no cost which would save you $801 USD. 


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