Valhalla Community: Meet Forex Expert from South Africa – Stephen Nefdt

Posted by Arif Alexander Ahmad on 15-Aug-2019 04:11:33

Gone are the days of risky trading partnerships and shady brokers. The future of Forex casts aside dishonesty and subterfuge in favor of transparency and integrity. Thanks to Scandinavian Capital Markets, Forex traders can feel safe, protected, and supported as they become a part of the Valhalla experience. While other brokerages might treat their clients as numbers on a spreadsheet or as a profit center to be milked dry, the team at Scandinavian Capital Markets works as one help traders achieve their goals. The Valhalla Experience enables everyone to be a winner, by providing a high-end, concierge-level trading experience.

By way of introduction into this new era of Forex trading, Scandinavian Capital Markets invited some of the top names in Forex trading. With opportunities to spend one-on-one time with Scandinavian Capital Markets founders Arif Ahmad and Michael Buchbinder, these lucky individuals are able to see how Scandinavian Capital Markets differs from the average Forex brokerage. From dinner with the team to tours of the office, and much needed r-and-r amongst the restaurants, spas, and sights, Vahalla participants get a bird’s eye view of the inner workings, and future aspirations, of Scandinavian Capital Markets.

Meet Forex Expert Stephen Nefdt

XFAEA02U_400x400Earlier this year, we spoke with Stephen Nefdt, owner of Forex Wealth in Cape Town, South Africa, became one of the first Valhalla Experience participants. With over 15 years of experience in all aspects of Forex Trading, Education and Trading System Development, Stephen knows what it’s like to navigate the murky waters of Forex trading.

While he began his career as a mechanical engineer, he became intrigued with trading at an early age. While he trained for the Iron Man triathlon and worked at several different engineering firms, he admits, “in the background, I was always trading stocks.”

Eventually, that part-time interest turned into a full-time career. “At first I became involved in consulting for banking, but eventually I decided to start looking at an exit,” he says. “Around 2005, I became involved in Forex on a full-time basis.”

What Stephen enjoys most about Forex trading is the energy. “In some instances, trading can be very boring, if not mind-numbing,” he says. “What I like about Forex is that it is very dynamic. There's a lot that is involved. You have the global influences and other factors that cause the Forex markets to be fluid and multifaceted.”

Forex In Transition

With over a decade and a half in the trenches, Stephen is very rarely surprised with the ups and downs of Forex trading. Yet even though he’s seen it all, he is still astonished by the get-rich-quick attitude he sees. “Many people seem to think Forex trading is like accessing an ATM machine,” he says. “They don’t understand that you must put in the hard work to get results. There is no silver bullet that’s going to make them a millionaire overnight.”

For Stephen, prospering within the world of Forex requires discipline, wisdom, and practicality. “It frustrates me quite a bit,” he admits, “because, in Forex, you will never be bulletproof. You need to put in the work.”

Part of that work means putting in the effort to connect. And it was that opportunity of one-on-one time that sold Stephen on the Valhalla experience. “A lot of people seem to believe that in the digital age - with Skype and Facetime - you don’t have to see the person you’re working with face-to-face,” he says. “What I liked about my initial interactions with Arif and Michael was that right from the word go it was all about being genuine. It was about that 1-to-1 connection.”

Stephen in Stockholm

stephen2Once he got over his initial skepticism, Stephen embraced the Valhalla experience, particularly when it came to his interactions with the Scandinavian Capital Markets team. “This feeling of genuineness came through,” he says. “And in this day and age that is very rare.”

“I think what was really outstanding about the experience was meeting the people of SCM,” he continues. “What came across was the care: this is a company that actually cares about its people and their clients. They are genuinely trying to make a difference in the industry.”

“A lot of the Valhalla experience is embedded in the Swedish culture,” Stephen concludes. “It’s about doing business as ethically as possible. That you can have an honest business and still make money.”

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