Q&A with Francis Hunt

Posted by Scandinavian Capital Markets on 29-Aug-2019 10:00:00

Scandinavian Capital Markets is building a forex Valhalla. The focus of Scandinavian Capital Markets Valhalla experience is the person, not the profit. Other brokerages see traders as numbers on a spreadsheet’s profit center to be milked dry. 

The Valhalla experience, on the other hand, is all about the human side. It starts with treating clients like partners. The entire Scandinavian Capital Markets team works as one to serve them better to help them achieve their goals. Valhalla was designed to help make traders win.

More than just icing on the cake, being located in Sweden allows Scandinavian Capital Markets to provide a high-end experience to clients. The cultural aspects of Stockholm - the food, the spas, the people - are unmatched anywhere in the world.  Sweden offers respite and reinvigoration, just like those ancient visitors to Valhalla. 

Scandinavian Capital Markets is committed to engaging with clients that want service and quality for sustainable business. Imagine flying business or first class to Stockholm, booking an appointment at a nurturing, Swedish spa, and ending your day with a meal at a high-end restaurant and full night of restful sleep. Imagine laying your head on the pillow and knowing your business day ahead finds you working with a team of committed partners, ready to listen and plan with you. Imagine you are once again made whole - you can trust, you can rise again.

Earlier this year, we spoke with Francis Hunt about his Valhalla experience. Francis versatile and experienced trader with over 30 years of experience. As the founder and director of The Market Sniper, Francis and his team use the company’s Trading Metamorphosis Program to help traders from any level and background become successful and financially independent.

Below is our conversation with Francis about his time in Stockholm as one of the first participants in SCM’s Valhalla Experience.

What did you think when you were initially invited to the Valhalla Experience? 

Cautious. There are no free lunches. If people want to get in touch and they want to spoil you and want some of your time, there's almost invariably another motive involved. So I was cautious if I'm to be totally frank.

Once you realized it wasn't a scam, what sort of expectations did you have about the Valhalla Experience?

I enjoyed the whole experience immensely. You can become jaded and just reach the point where you want to make money in a business. But so far, all the best intentions seem to be there and the guys wish to execute in that way in a business in terms of their brokerage. So broadly impressed: good people and had a great time. 

What was your favorite part of the experience?

There were a number of aspects. I enjoyed Stockholm. We were fortunate we were going, you know, in the run-up to summer. We had really good weather. It was nice and lovely accommodations. I think Rod Stewart was passing by the same motel at the same time. So I'm really grateful for the quality of accommodation. We had a good chats, and it was nice just to see the place. 

What surprised you what was unexpected about the Valhalla Experience?

I have to say probably Sweden just isn't one of those places that I might necessarily have gone because I'm a sort of a sun seeker. So I was pleasantly surprised by the weather and by the geography and affluence. It's was an interesting area and people.

Is there anything else you really enjoyed about the experience?

It was nice to meet Nathaniel, as well as Michael and Arif. It was very interesting to learn about the aspects of Socializing and how that works [in marketing]. So it was intellectually interesting. It was emotionally pleasing, and the people were pleasant. I felt well looked after, and I appreciated that - the guys showed great form. We enjoyed taking them out for a reciprocal dinner when they came our way just to thank him.

Any last thoughts?

I think it's very smart that Scandinavian Capital Markets has positioned itself on the doorstep of the EU. That they are of Europe while not being bound by Europe, and are therefore not beholden to the EU restrictions. I think there's some good strategic structural planning and leveraging the legitimacy, like the credibility of the Volvo - the safe call of the Scandinavian markets while being outside of the choking restrictions of the EU. 

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