Francis Hunt Talks About Valhalla

Posted by Scandinavian Capital Markets on 27-Aug-2019 20:47:29

Gone are the days of risky trading partnerships and shady brokers. The future of Forex casts aside dishonesty and subterfuge in favor of transparency and integrity. Thanks to Scandinavian Capital Markets, Forex traders can feel safe, protected, and supported as they become a part of the Valhalla experience.  While other brokerages might treat their clients as numbers on a spreadsheet or as a profit center to be milked dry, the team at Scandinavian Capital Markets works as one help traders achieve their goals. The Valhalla Experience enables everyone to be a winner, by providing a high-end, concierge-level trading experience.   

By way of introduction into this new era of Forex trading, Scandinavian Capital Markets invited some of the top names in Forex trading. With opportunities to spend one-on-one time with Scandinavian Capital Markets founders Arif Ahmad and Michael Buchbinder, these lucky individuals are able to see how Scandinavian Capital Markets differs from the average Forex brokerage. From dinner with the team to tours of the office, and much needed r-and-r amongst the restaurants, spas, and sights, Vahalla participants get a bird’s eye view of the inner workings, and future aspirations, of Scandinavian Capital Markets. 

Meet Forex Expert Francis Hunt 

With over 30 years of experience, Francis Hunt prides himself on teaching his trading methodology and building a supportive community of like-minded traders. In fact, Francis established as an educational company designed to provide retail traders & investors with a proven, rule-based, approach to trading while also helping them foster a deeper understanding of markets and price behavior function. 

Because Francis understands the need for positive reinforcement in the often lonely, and sometimes hostile, the world of Forex trading, he was uniquely qualified to understand the intent and effort behind the Valhalla Experience. Earlier this year, he sat down with us to share his insights and observations about the Valhalla Experience.

The Macro View

For Francis, trading captured his interest at a young age. After watching his father suffer a long commute from Johannesburg to Pretoria as a state employee, Francis quickly understood that he did want to follow a similar trajectory. “Even though my father gained a high level of seniority at his job I always felt I wanted to do something different,” he says. “After all, we always think we are smarter than our fathers.”

That search for something “smarter” lead Francis to the markets. He found himself fascinated with the notion of leverage and developing an understanding of the greater game at play. He investigated how systems worked from the top level and focused on how the pistons of the global economy vacillate between the flows of trade. “I like the idea of being someone who has a macro view,” he says. “And when it comes to the Forex Market, it’s helpful to approach things from a high-in-the-sky perspective so that you can see all the terrain and watch out things play out.”

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