Changing the Course of Forex Industry: Best of the London Thought Leadership Conference

Posted by Arif Alexander Ahmad on 20-Aug-2019 11:00:00

Our mission is to provide the very best possible Forex trading experience to institutional brokers, money managers, and professional traders. For years, avarice and excess dominated the Forex industry. It was a place where the select few controlled – and deceived – the many. Now there is a better way. Self-serving dealers are now a thing of the past. It’s no longer du jour to be a shrewd dealer or crafty brokerage owner. The Forex industry is evolving by bringing together fair players, trustworthy brokers, educated traders, and experienced money managers.

On May 7th, Scandinavian Capital Market, together with Financial Feeds, Fintech, finance, and trading industry news sources, hosted a Professional Trading Thought Leadership Conference in London as part of a crucial step to supporting and triggering a fundamental change to the Forex industry. Conference participants included decision-makers and trading heads from London’s finest, high-net-worth wealth management institutions. Institutional FX firms were also there, as well as portfolio management companies, hedge funds, non-bank market makers, and wealth management companies with long-established client bases. Proprietary trading houses, prime, and similar interested also took part. In a series of videos titled “Changing the Course of Forex Industry,” we will publish short films, interviews, and talks from the London Professional Trading Thought Leadership Conference.

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